About us


Is to be the most innovative business enterprise and

the preferred business partner by

  • Developing new ideas, technologies, techniques, products, services and businesses that create a new basis of Competition.
  • Earning our customers and business partners loyalty by helping them Improve and grow their business and their life.
  • Expanding internationally by introducing innovative ideas, technologies, techniques, products, services and businesses to bring foreign investments to Sri Lanka to support  develop mother Sri Lanka
  • Improving productivity, competitiveness, business network, and business ethics to grow as one family to create a win- win platform to benefit all the members of the business network worldwide.


  • Develop and improve techniques, knowledge and business ethics. Keep hope alive and express our vision courageously in word and action.
  • Build trust, credibility, and honesty in business environment.
  • Establish a fault free, self perpetuating working environment which fosters a wish to grow and help others grow; curiosity about the unknown; a determination to face problems squarely; and a desire to understand and work with others to discover and fulfill common goals.
  • In the world wish to nurture the development of all life forms, in harmony with the laws of  nature.    


  • It comes from listening to our business partners, our customers, and to the people. It comes from seeing their needs, difficulties and problems and finding new ways to fulfill those needs. Creating new innovative products and services that respond to real customer needs has been a way of life at Ayubovan Lanka Holdings (Private) Limited, and it always will be.

Who Are We

Founded in 2020, Ayubovan Lanka Holdings (Private ) 7Limited is a comprehensive telephone directory provider based in Sri Lanka. We Ayubovan Lanka Holdings (Private) Limited, a private limited liability company registered under companies act of 2007, bringing businesses people around the world instant access to new and existing customers via our immense inventory of Personnel, Professional, Commercial, industrial and corporate clients in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka we couldn’t find a comprehensive directory for each and every customer who uses different types of telecommunication providers. We hope www.ayubovan.com will serve the purpose of a comprehensive telephone directory.
www.ayubovan.com is a trusted partner for our clients who believe in "Business without Borders." We give businesses community a local presence by providing them with local phone numbers of their customers recognize and are comfortable calling. Year over year, www.ayubovan.com will continues to grow. Our powerful network connects millions of calls reliably every day. We've built a comprehensive telephone directory and help our clients contact their customers more efficiently. Our clients list more than just a phone number in our directory; they will get more business day by day.